Welcome to Loire

The old adage of 'good friends, good food and good wine' is a way of life for Jean-Charles Dupoire and Sylvain Brissonnet. It's also the inspiration for Loire.

As childhood friends in France's Loire Valley, Chef Jean-Charles and Sommelier Sylvain learned the importance and enjoyment of good food and wine. While their travels and careers took them around the world both together and apart, their friendship lasted years and they eventually reunited in Ontario.

Having honed their skills with experience in some of the world's finest restaurants and hotels, Jean-Charles and Sylvain began working towards their dream of owning and operating their own restaurant. They envisioned a place where Jean-Charles could explore his creativity and test the limits of his own kitchen, and where Sylvain could develop a wine list that truly reflected and enhanced the menu.

Finally, after ten years of experience in Canada, they decided that the time was right to settle more deeply into the community and open their restaurant. Pooling their resources, they found a spot on downtown Toronto's Harbord Street and began the planning and creating that, in the fall of 2008, became Loire.

Named after the region where they grew up and became friends, Loire is a reflection of Jean-Charles' and Sylvain's friendship, history and desire to share their passion for quality ingredients, creative preparations and great wine with their new home in the Harbord community.

Kitchen Renovation ideas on a Budget
Everyone wants to have a beautiful and elegant kitchen but with bills, and fees to pay it can be tough to have your kitchen renovated. Well, the good news is there are several kitchen renovation ideas that you can adopt to have your kitchen renovated if you are living on a budget.

What are some of kitchen renovation ideas to employ on a budget?

Paint the cabinet doors and drawers
If your cabinet doors and drawers are not broken, it is better to paint them instead of replacing them. This is because you will save a lot of money that could have been used to purchase brand new cabinets and hiring a technician to fix them. But with painting, you will save a lot of money especially in the case where you paint on your own. But if you have no idea about the painting you can hire an experienced painter to do the job for you. Therefore not only do you save money but you also get your cabinets and drawers renewed.

Shop online
Well when it comes to buying items online, several benefits come with it. One of the advantages is that you get your purchased items delivered to your door step and on time. The other significant advantage of buying online is that several companies offer coupons and huge discounts on various products and therefore you can get kitchen fixtures at a great deal by buying online as compared to by purchasing from your local supplier.

Draft a plan
Having a plan is essential when renovating your kitchen. By listing all the items you need for your renovations, you will be able to avoid overspending when sourcing for the fixtures and the paints required. Also by having a drafted plan, you will avoid extra expenses which may be incurred in the case where the materials were not enough. It is advisable that you involve the hired technician so as to help you in writing down the right quantities and the strong brands as well.

Increase lighting
You can never go wrong with a well lite room as not only does it make a room look radiant but it is also a great way of renovating your kitchen. Therefore buy some great designs of pendants and hang them in your kitchen and to make it more attractive, you can place it in the area where the cook will be working from. You can also add some lightings to your cabinets, and they will bring a lot of change and touch of classy look to your kitchen.

Sylvain Brissonnet      &      Jean-Charles Dupoire